Call for Presentations

October 27 - 30, 2019 | St. Louis, Missouri

Call for Presentations

We are no longer accepting abstracts. The abstract deadline was March 15, 2019

Manuscripts for IBBC 2019 were submitted by academics and industry professionals which provide reports or case studies on industry advancements
and process improvements designed to inform, enlighten and engage both industry newcomers and long-term professionals.

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Topics of Interest suggested include:
Innovative Bioproducts from Wood

LIGNIN - Recovery and New Products

  • Recovering lignin at the mill
  • Characterization and properties of lignin and its derivatives
  • Lignin in new platform and replacement chemicals – adhesives, foams, coatings, fillers, etc.
  • Market usage, assessment and competitive positioning of bioproducts

SUGARS – Extraction and Products

  • Cellulose-derived platform chemicals and products
  • Hemicellulose –derived chemicals and products
  • Large scale studies of bioproduct production

DENSIFIED SOLID FUELS – Production and Markets

  • Production – White pellets, black pellets, torrefaction technologies
  • Future growth projections, impacts on wood fiber supply chains
Biomass Conversion Pathways

Innovative Technologies to Transform Biomass

  • Thermochemical Conversion Technologies – gasification and hydrothermal liquefaction
  • Biochemical Conversion Technologies – developments in enzyme science, innovative yeasts, fractionation strategies, microorganisms
  • Hybrid Conversion Technologies – pyrolysis and catalytic conversion
  • Pretreatments and Feedstock  – Characterization, pretreatments, properties of biomass
    materials, developments in biomass recalcitrance interfacing with conversion technologies
Supporting the Bioeconomy

Leveraging Pulp Mill Assets

  • Technical and economic issues integrating technology into pulp mills
  • Process integration and economics of various forest biorefinery pathways
  • Biorefinery Projects - Status updates, project deployment issues, project case studies
  • Project Financing - Techno-economic analysis, risk assessments & life cycle analysis.

Biomass Utilization and Feedstock Assessments

  • Supply & Demand – Supply availability assessments/sustainability, energy crop development
  • Developments in biomass crops, harvesting and  
  • Harvesting – Thinnings and forest residuals, development of specialized harvesting equipment
  • Alternate feedstock options – forest residue, sludge, black liquor
  • Bioproducts from renewable resources





We are no longer accepting abstract.

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Selected students will gain valuable industry input on their work, plus a chance to win some cash. This is a great opportunity to get industry input on student projects, as well as to gain exposure for students and programs conducting research in bioenergy and bioproducts.

We are no longer accepting abstracts.


Student Poster Competition - PEERS


The Rapid Fire Showcase allows presenters 5 minutes to present 5 slides summarizing the research that they are working on.

Conference attendees interested in subjects presented during the rapid-fire oral session can then visit the accompanying poster and have a more in-depth discussion during the student poster session and competition. 

This format offers greater exposure to presenters, as well as gives attendees a snapshot into the wide variety of research being conducted in the biorefinery arena.